Hi Alison

I just want to let you know I feel very calm and relaxed after my treatment. I can’t remember the last time that I felt so relaxed! Thank you so much.




Alison has helped me recover from generalised anxiety, stress and migraines. It has been a journey and she has helped me every step of the way. Her genuine empathy, compassion and personalised approach has helped me immensely and I wouldn’t have made the recovery without her love and support. I would highly recommend her!



Dear Alison

Little boy, born 2:15 this morning. Thank you for the magic hand you have played in this little boy’s life. It will never be forgotten.

Kate xx



Hi Alison

Just a little up-date for you – my dizziness has gone, no sore throat today, earache or migraine!

You are fabulous!



IVF Fertility Testimonial

Alison, A huge thank you for all your help and support throughout our IVF journey. We truly believe we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter, Leilani, if it wasn’t for you and your magic treatment. We just can’t thank you enough, you are amazing.

Lots of love, gurgles and giggles, Lissa, Ian and Leilani xxx



Alison is a very skilled and knowledgeable reflective practitioner with a high level of empathy, compassion and integrity which means she inspires trust and confidence.  I feel she really knows and understands me even though I have only been seeing her for a relatively short time and I feel safe and able to share everything with her.  She shares ideas which might make my life better but does not seek to impose them.  Her treatments are tailored to my prime need in the broadest sense and I always feel better and more able to cope with life’s stresses after I have seen her.



Pain Relief Testimonial

Dear Alison,

I just wanted to send you a short note to record my appreciation for the treatment that I received recently.

My life suddenly came to an abrupt halt with the pain from the ligament in my leg and the muscle in my shoulder. However, after one treatment and a couple of days rest the leg was restored to good health. Only two treatments were required for the same result on my shoulder.

Happily, my life has been returned to normal (much quicker than I anticipated!) and I have resumed my sporting activities (gym, golf and walking).

Many thanks once again, your help and professional expertise is much appreciated.



Fertility Testimonial

I would strongly recommend the practice of 5 Element Acupuncture in conjunction with western fertility treatment. With our first child I had acupuncture, with Alison, alongside taking a fertility drug called clomid.

We tried for our second baby using clomid alone but this did little to stimulate my ovaries. On our third round of clomid I saw Alison at the beginning of my cycle and once again I fell pregnant. I am now even more convinced that acupuncture was the key to our conception success! Alison always made sure that she worked together and complimented my hospital treatments.

Thank you again for all that you have done for us and our now growing family. We can’t thank you enough …. Bella is the light of our lives.


With love from Rach

Pain Relief Testimonial – Sciatica

Sciatica is excruciatingly painful; it attacks suddenly & without any identifiable cause or remedy. In my case it was a sharp pain from the lower back, through the left hip and down to the ankle, which made standing or sleeping nigh impossible, sitting less so. Our doctor was very sympathetic, provided a sackful of sleeping pills, Ibuprofen and co-codamol and sent me for a hip and lower spine X-ray. The pills eased the pain until their effect wore off, the X-ray just showed age-related wear & tear. (I’m in my late 70’s so no surprise there!)

In desperation I embarked upon the “alternative medicine” route: 3 sessions with an osteopath ironed out the muscle spasms caused by the inflamed sciatic nerve. I was then recommended to try the “Bowen Technique” and finally acupuncture. I had already heard of Alison Moon, who practices at the Beacon Clinic in Malvern and who had helped a number of friends with assorted problems. I limped cautiously into her consulting room; she was very reassuring, the acupuncture proved completely painless and 5 sessions later I danced out of the Clinic like a Spring lamb. If the sciatica does recur in the future, which can happen, I shall know exactly where to go first…